Sound engineer and composer of fan remake of Half-Life – Black Mesa – told about the interesting techniques that he used in the project. Employee Crowbar Collective studio reported that created one of the effects slapping his hand on the wet buttocks of his wife. Joel Nielsen, sound designer and composer of Black Mesa: «I used the built-in vacuum cleaner and a huge deflated balloons to create sound design Zen world. But far more interesting is that the sound of footsteps on organic surfaces is based on the recording slap his hand on the wet buttocks. I am leaving the rest of the details to your imagination, but still add that sincerely grateful to my wife, Kala, which greatly helped me in my work on this project. ” Nielsen added that he joined the Black Mesa team of developers in 2005. A remake of the original Half-Life was released in early access to an updated version of Source Only ten years later. A full release of the game took place in March of 2020.