T5): 5 mg, Expires on 31 December 2011; 3 mg may be used per lamp after 31 December 2011, Tri-band phosphor with normal lifetime and a tube diameter > 17 mm and ≤ 28 mm (e.g. This Directive should apply without prejudice to Union legislation on safety and health requirements and specific Union waste management legislation, in particular Directive 2006/66/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 September 2006 on batteries and accumulators and waste batteries and accumulators (11) and Regulation (EC) No 850/2004. Online ISSN : 1884-6483 Print ISSN : 0286-9624 ISSN-L : 0286-9624 The substances covered by this Directive are scientifically well researched and evaluated and have been subject to different measures both at Union and at national level. 1. 世紀の無敗3冠馬の行末とは。。。, JRA重賞レースを対象とした6月21日(日)~9月13日(日)まで開催のサマーシリーズに関する予想・分析など 3. Mercury in single capped (compact) fluorescent lamps not exceeding (per burner): For general lighting purposes < 30 W: 5 mg, Expires on 31 December 2011; 3,5 mg may be used per burner after 31 December 2011 until 31 December 2012; 2,5 mg shall be used per burner after 31 December 2012, For general lighting purposes ≥ 30 W and < 50 W: 5 mg, Expires on 31 December 2011; 3,5 mg may be used per burner after 31 December 2011, For general lighting purposes ≥ 50 W and < 150 W: 5 mg, For general lighting purposes ≥ 150 W: 15 mg, For general lighting purposes with circular or square structural shape and tube diameter ≤ 17 mm, No limitation of use until 31 December 2011; 7 mg may be used per burner after 31 December 2011. The development of renewable forms of energy is one of the Union’s key objectives, and the contribution made by renewable energy sources to environmental and climate objectives is crucial. the reliability of substitutes is not ensured. Prevention is defined, inter alia, as measures that reduce the content of harmful substances in materials and products. Even if waste EEE were collected separately and submitted to recycling processes, its content of mercury, cadmium, lead, chromium VI, polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) would be likely to pose risks to health or the environment, especially when treated in less than optimal conditions. ブログのトラックバック集です。 The Member States shall notify those provisions to the Commission by 2 January 2013 and shall notify it without delay of any subsequent amendment affecting them. Lead in electromagnetic radiation amplification devices: micro-channel plate and capillary plate. Directive 2009/28/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 April 2009 on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources (12) recalls that there should be coherence between those objectives and other Union environmental legislation. The Commission shall draw up a report in respect of delegated powers at the latest 6 months before the end of the 5 year period. 2. Paragraph 1 shall not apply to reused spare parts, recovered from EEE placed on the market before 1 July 2006 and used in equipment placed on the market before 1 July 2016, provided that reuse takes place in auditable closed-loop business-to-business return systems, and that the reuse of parts is notified to the consumer. 各馬の動向に注目の一戦になりそうです! 面白かったですよ。 話が、長くなると適度になりますね. In the light of the Committee’s opinion, the Commission shall decide to publish, not to publish, to publish with restriction, to maintain, to maintain with restriction or to withdraw the references to the harmonised standard concerned in or from the Official Journal of the European Union. 5. For the purposes of achieving the objectives of this Directive the Commission should be empowered to adopt delegated acts in accordance with Article 290 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union in respect of amendments to Annex II, detailed rules for complying with maximum concentration values, and the adaptation of Annexes III and IV to technical and scientific progress.  「第56回 有馬記念(グランプリ)(GI) 競馬ブログ・テーマ」 2. 予想、回顧、データ分析などに関する Materials, components and EEE on which tests and measurements demonstrating compliance with the requirements of Article 4 have been performed, or which have been assessed, in accordance with harmonised standards, the references of which have been published in the Official Journal of the European Union, shall be presumed to comply with the requirements of this Directive. It should be possible, from the date of entry into force of this Directive, to apply for exemptions for equipment, even before the actual inclusion of that equipment in the scope of this Directive. 10 R 第56回有馬記念(G1) 芝右2500m / 天候 : 晴 / 芝 : 良 / 発走 : 15:25 過去の有馬記念. For the exemptions listed in Annex III as at 21 July 2011, the maximum validity period, which may be renewed, shall, for categories 1 to 7 and 10 of Annex I, be 5 years from 21 July 2011 and, for categories 8 and 9 of Annex I, 7 years from the relevant dates laid down in Article 4(3), unless a shorter period is specified. The placing on the market of medical devices requires a conformity assessment procedure, according to Council Directive 93/42/EEC of 14 June 1993 concerning medical devices (13) and Directive 98/79/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 October 1998 on in vitro diagnostic medical devices (14), which could require the involvement of a notified body designated by competent authorities of Member States. In accordance with the principle of proportionality, as set out in that Article, this Directive does not go beyond what is necessary in order to achieve that objective. Cases in which obligations of manufacturers apply to importers and distributors. 2. Those implementing acts shall be adopted in accordance with the examination procedure referred to in Article 19(2). Life-cycle thinking on the overall impacts of exemptions should apply, where relevant. しかしその当時の1、2着馬のレッドディザイア、ブロードストリートも参戦で、熱い再戦が繰り広がれる。 Since the objective of this Directive, namely to establish restrictions on the use of hazardous substances in EEE, cannot be sufficiently achieved by the Member States and can therefore, by reason of the scale of the problem and its implications in respect of other Union legislation on recovery and disposal of waste and areas of common interest, such as human health protection, be better achieved at Union level, the Union may adopt measures, in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity as set out in Article 5 of the Treaty on European Union. Decisions on the inclusion of materials and components of EEE in the lists in Annexes III and IV and on the duration of any exemptions shall take into account the availability of substitutes and the socioeconomic impact of substitution. Human health also has to be protected and an overall strategy that in particular restricts the use of cadmium and stimulates research into substitutes should therefore be implemented. ブログのトラックバック集です。 名前:匿名(126.217.62.xxx) 2019/11/27 12:27:58. Where other applicable Union legislation contains provisions for the affixing of the manufacturer’s name and address which are at least as stringent, those provisions shall apply; manufacturers who consider or have reason to believe that EEE which they have placed on the market is not in conformity with this Directive immediately take the necessary corrective measures to bring that EEE into conformity, to withdraw it or recall it, if appropriate, and immediately inform the competent national authorities of the Member States in which they made the EEE available to that effect, giving details, in particular, of the non-compliance and of any corrective measures taken; manufacturers, further to a reasoned request from a competent national authority, provide it with all the information and documentation necessary to demonstrate the conformity of the EEE with this Directive, in a language which can be easily understood by that authority, and that they cooperate with that authority, at its request, on any action taken to ensure compliance with this Directive of EEE which they have placed on the market. It therefore appears necessary to lay down rules in this field and to contribute to the protection of human health and the environmentally sound recovery and disposal of waste EEE. T9), No limitation of use until 31 December 2011; 15 mg may be used per lamp after 31 December 2011, Lamps for other general lighting and special purposes (e.g. Lead, cadmium and mercury in infra-red light detectors. T10 and T12): 10 mg, Non-linear halophosphate lamps (all diameters): 15 mg, Non-linear tri-band phosphor lamps with tube diameter > 17 mm (e.g. The CE marking shall be affixed visibly, legibly and indelibly to the finished EEE or to its data plate. 向井亜紀のセクシー・ヌード画像【厳選30枚】 2011/06/01 【厳選30枚】ヌードになった芸能人. Lead in solders in portable emergency defibrillators. Mercury in reference electrodes: low chloride mercury chloride, mercury sulphate and mercury oxide. Directive 2002/95/EC as amended by the acts listed in Annex VII, Part A is repealed with effect from 3 January 2013 without prejudice to the obligations of the Member States relating to the time limits for transposition into national law and application of the Directive set out in Annex VII, Part B. References to the repealed acts shall be construed as references to this Directive and shall be read in accordance with the correlation table in Annex VIII. Having regard to the opinion of the European Economic and Social Committee (1). T12): 5 mg, Expires on 31 December 2012; 3,5 mg may be used per lamp after 31 December 2012, Tri-band phosphor with long lifetime (≥ 25 000 h): 8 mg, Expires on 31 December 2011; 5 mg may be used per lamp after 31 December 2011. Lead in solders of high performance infrared imaging modules to detect in the range 8-14 μm. hunter×hunter(2011)「第56話 サイアイ×ト×サイアク」のアニメ情報、感想、評価を見ることができるページ。登録をすれば、自分のアニメ記録もつけられます。 中山金杯/京都金杯/シンザン記念/フェアリーS/京成杯/日経新春杯/アメリカJCC/平安S/東京新聞杯/根岸S/京都牝馬S/小倉大賞典/共同通信杯3歳/シルクロードS/ダイヤモンドS/きさらぎ賞/クイーンC/京都記念/フェブラリーS/アーリントンC/中山記念/阪急杯/オーシャンS/チューリップ賞/弥生賞/阪神スプリングジャンプ/中京記念/中山牝馬S/フィリーズレビュー/フラワーC/ファルコンS/スプリングS/阪神大賞典/日経賞/毎日杯/マーチS/高松宮記念/ダービー卿チャレンジT/産経大阪杯/ニュージーランドT/阪神牝馬S/桜花賞/中山グランドジャンプ/マイラーズC/皐月賞/福島牝馬S/フローラS/アンタレスS/青葉賞/天皇賞(春/京都新聞杯/新潟大賞典/NHKマイルC/京王杯スプリング/京都ハイジャンプ/ヴィクトリアマイル/オークス/東海S/金鯱賞/日本ダービー/目黒記念/安田記念/ユニコーンS/東京ジャンプS/エプソムC/CBC賞/マーメイドS/宝塚記念/ラジオNIKKEI賞/函館スプリントS/七夕賞/プロキオンS/アイビスサマーダッシュ/小倉サマージャンプ/函館記念/小倉記念/関屋記念/函館2歳S/北九州記念/クイーンS/新潟ジャンプS/レパードS/札幌記念/新潟記念/キーンランドC/新潟2歳S/小倉2歳S/朝日チャレンジC/京成杯オータムH/セントウルS/セントライト記念/ローズS/阪神ジャンプ/エルムS/オールカマー/神戸新聞杯/シリウスS/札幌2歳S/スプリンターズS/毎日王冠/京都大賞典/東京ハイジャンプ/デイリー杯2歳S/府中牝馬S/秋華賞/富士S/菊花賞/スワンS/天皇賞(秋/ファンタジーS/アルゼンチン共和国杯/みやこS/京王杯2歳S/京都ジャンプS/武蔵野S/エリザベス女王杯/東スポ杯2歳S/福島記念/マイルチャンピオンシップ/京阪杯/ジャパンC/ステイヤーズS/鳴尾記念/ジャパンCダート/中日新聞杯/カペラS/阪神ジュベナイルF/阪神C/朝日杯フューチュリティS/愛知杯/中山大障害/ラジオNIKKEI杯2歳S/有馬記念 A total of 131 cases of AZOOR (205 eyes), including the variant known as acute annular outer retinopathy, have been reported in the Englis … 2020/03/25(水)開催  3. This Directive shall enter into force on the 20th day following its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union. Procedures for assessing the conformity of EEE subject to this Directive should be consistent with relevant Union legislation, in particular Decision No 768/2008/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 July 2008 on a common framework for the marketing of products (15). Review and amendment of list of restricted substances in Annex II. Member States shall communicate to the Commission the text of the main provisions of national law which they adopt in the field covered by this Directive. The European Parliament or the Council may object to a delegated act within a period of 2 months from the date of notification. 第45回 京王杯2歳ステークス(JpnII)のことなら何でもOKです。, 2009/11/15(sun) 1. The market surveillance mechanisms laid down by Regulation (EC) No 765/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 July 2008 setting out the requirements for accreditation and market surveillance relating to the marketing of products (16) provide the safeguard mechanisms to check compliance with this Directive. equipment which is necessary for the protection of the essential interests of the security of Member States, including arms, munitions and war material intended for specifically military purposes; equipment designed to be sent into space; equipment which is specifically designed, and is to be installed, as part of another type of equipment that is excluded or does not fall within the scope of this Directive, which can fulfil its function only if it is part of that equipment, and which can be replaced only by the same specifically designed equipment; means of transport for persons or goods, excluding electric two-wheel vehicles which are not type-approved; non-road mobile machinery made available exclusively for professional use; photovoltaic panels intended to be used in a system that is designed, assembled and installed by professionals for permanent use at a defined location to produce energy from solar light for public, commercial, industrial and residential applications; equipment specifically designed solely for the purposes of research and development only made available on a business-to-business basis. 2020/03/18(水)開催  As soon as scientific evidence is available, and taking into account the precautionary principle, the restriction of other hazardous substances, including any substances of very small size or with a very small internal or surface structure (nanomaterials) which may be hazardous due to properties relating to their size or structure, and their substitution by more environmentally friendly alternatives which ensure at least the same level of protection of consumers should be examined. T8): 5 mg, Expires on 31 December 2011; 3,5 mg may be used per lamp after 31 December 2011, Tri-band phosphor with normal lifetime and a tube diameter > 28 mm (e.g. For the purposes of adapting Annexes III and IV to scientific and technical progress, and in order to achieve the objectives set out in Article 1, the Commission shall adopt by means of individual delegated acts in accordance with Article 20 and subject to the conditions laid down in Articles 21 and 22, the following measures: inclusion of materials and components of EEE for specific applications in the lists in Annexes III and IV, provided that such inclusion does not weaken the environmental and health protection afforded by Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 and where any of the following conditions is fulfilled: their elimination or substitution via design changes or materials and components which do not require any of the materials or substances listed in Annex II is scientifically or technically impracticable. 2. A number of definitions should be included in this Directive in order to specify its scope. Directive 2002/95/EC provides that the Commission shall review the provisions of that Directive, in particular, in order to include in its scope equipment which falls within certain categories and to study the need to adapt the list of restricted substances on the basis of scientific progress, taking into account the precautionary principle, as endorsed by Council Resolution of 4 December 2000. If, on expiry of the period referred to in paragraph 1, neither the European Parliament nor the Council has objected to the delegated act it shall be published in the Official Journal of the European Union and shall enter into force on the date stated therein. そんなに交流したいのなら、他をあたって下さい。 度重なる違法行為に関しては、にほんブログ村に登録いただいたサイトを削除させていただく処置を、にほんブログ村側に報告させていただきますので、2度同じことは言いませんのでよろしくお願いします。さらに、法的な処置も検討させて頂きます。, 大井競馬場で行われる 第31回東京スプリントに関する In addition, the definition of ‘electrical and electronic equipment’ should be complemented by a definition of ‘dependent’, to cover the multipurpose character of certain products, where the intended functions of EEE are to be determined on the basis of objective characteristics, such as the design of the product and its marketing. In particular, the risks to human health and the environment arising from the use of Hexabromocyclododecane (HBCDD), Bis (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), Butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP) and Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) should be considered as a priority. 予想、回顧、データ分析などに関するブログのトラックバック集 Directive 2009/125/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 October 2009 establishing a framework for the setting of ecodesign requirements for energy-related products (10) enables specific ecodesign requirements to be set for energy-related products which may also be covered by this Directive. Lead in solders for bonding to ultrasonic transducers. The CE marking shall be affixed before the EEE is placed on the market. 3. Member States shall also provide for penalties for infringements, which may include criminal sanctions for serious infringements. 第56回 有馬記念(グランプリ)(GI) テーマの詳細 2011/12/25(Sun) 「一年の想い、そして明日への夢を乗せた大一番!」 第56回 有馬記念(グランプリ)(GI)のことなら何でもOKです。 テーマ投稿数 223件 参加メンバー 71人 管理人 UmaDra 管理画面 For the exemptions listed in Annex IV as at 21 July 2011, the maximum validity period, which may be renewed, shall be 7 years from the relevant dates laid down in Article 4(3), unless a shorter period is specified. 派手にとは言いませんが(私は派手でした)最低限、相手に夢を与える自然な裕福さが必要な職業だと思っています。私も20年位は芸能人しか着ないだろうという服装で過ごしました。 This Directive shall, subject to paragraph 2, apply to EEE falling within the categories set out in Annex I. Where reference is made to this paragraph, Article 5 of Regulation (EU) No 182/2011 shall apply. The Committee shall, after consulting the relevant European standardisation bodies, deliver its opinion without delay. Market surveillance and controls of EEE entering the Union market. 予想、回顧、データ分析などに関するブログのトラックバック集 ※以前より掲載いただいているテキストリンクについてはそのままご利用いただけます。, あなたが興味を持っているテーマは他のブロガーも気になっているかもしれません、メンバーであればテーマを作成できます。, 重賞でも重賞でなくても今週中央競馬のレースに出走する必ず馬券になるだろうという鉄板の馬や軸馬に関する情報なら何でもかまいません。投稿宜しくお願いします。, 波乱が予想されるアルゼンチン共和国杯 ・テキストリンクに変更されたい方は、以下のテキストに変更いただき掲載してください。 The review and amendment of the list of restricted substances in Annex II shall be coherent with other legislation related to chemicals, in particular Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006, and shall take into account, inter alia, Annexes XIV and XVII to that Regulation. the total negative environmental, health and consumer safety impacts caused by substitution are likely to outweigh the total environmental, health and consumer safety benefits thereof. The obligations laid down in point (a) of Article 7 and the drawing up of technical documentation shall not form part of the authorised representative’s mandate; an authorised representative performs the tasks specified in the mandate received from the manufacturer. Mercury in very high accuracy capacitance and loss measurement bridges and in high frequency RF switches and relays in monitoring and control instruments not exceeding 20 mg of mercury per switch or relay. 2. 2. No later than 22 July 2014 the Commission shall examine the need to amend the scope of this Directive in respect of the EEE referred to in Article 2, and shall present a report thereon to the European Parliament and the Council accompanied by a legislative proposal, if appropriate, with respect to any additional exclusions related to that EEE. When Member States adopt those provisions, they shall contain a reference to this Directive or be accompanied by such a reference on the occasion of their official publication. 平成23年・2011の行政書士試験の過去問(問56:一般知識・個人情報保護)の問題と解答、詳細な解説を無料で情報提供いたします。行政書士の勉強にご活用ください! もし頑張っていても金運に一切見放されている方が相談にこられて、(それはね こうすれば金運が良くなりますよ)と答えた占い師がいて、その占い師が金がなくて苦しい生活をしてたらどうです? それはもう詐欺師の占い師と言ってもいいでしょう。 Mercury in other fluorescent lamps not exceeding (per lamp): Linear halophosphate lamps with tube > 28 mm (e.g. RoHS(Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances)とは人の健康の保護ならびに電気・電子機器廃棄物の環境に優しい回収及び廃棄に寄与することを目的として制定されたEU指令です。. そして古馬も昨年の1〜3着馬のリトルアマポーラ、カワカミプリンセス、ベッラレイアも出走予定でこれまた面白い! Restricting the use of those hazardous substances is likely to enhance the possibilities and economic profitability of recycling of waste EEE and decrease the negative impact on the health of workers in recycling plants. HUNTER×HUNTER(2011)の感想 . The Member States shall lay down the rules on penalties applicable to infringements of the national provisions adopted pursuant to this Directive and shall take all measures necessary to ensure that they are implemented. Categories of EEE covered by this Directive. (3)  Position of the European Parliament of 24 November 2010 (not yet published in the Official Journal) and decision of the Council of 27 May 2011. 第52回ばんえい記念に関する Taking into account technical and economic feasibility, including for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), the most effective way of ensuring a significant reduction of risks to health and the environment relating to those substances, in order to achieve the chosen level of protection in the Union, is the substitution of those substances in EEE by safe or safer materials. 私の哲学では「占い師という名で仕事をするなら、けして貧困であってはならない!」が考えであり教えでもありました。 Lead in single crystal piezoelectric materials for ultrasonic transducers. The powers to adopt delegated acts are conferred on the Commission subject to the conditions laid down in Articles 21 and 22. Obligations of authorised representatives. あなたの「新女王予想」を投稿しよう!!, 荒れる牝馬G1のエリザベス女王杯。 水着・ビキニになった芸能人. The functionality of EEE is restored or is upgraded when the part is replaced by a spare part; ‘non-road mobile machinery made available exclusively for professional use’ means machinery, with an on-board power source, the operation of which requires either mobility or continuous or semi-continuous movement between a succession of fixed working locations while working, and is made available exclusively for professional use. 2. Adaptation of the Annexes to scientific and technical progress. 3. The Commission shall adopt a harmonised format for applications referred to in paragraph 3 of this Article as well as comprehensive guidelines for such applications, taking into account the situation of SMEs. Applications for exemptions, renewal of exemptions or, mutatis mutandis, for revoking an exemption may be submitted by a manufacturer, the authorised representative of a manufacturer, or any economic operator in the supply chain and shall include at least the following: the name, address and contact details of the applicant; information on the material or component and the specific uses of the substance in the material and component for which an exemption, or its revocation, is requested and its particular characteristics; verifiable and referenced justification for an exemption, or its revocation, in line with the conditions established in Article 5; an analysis of possible alternative substances, materials or designs on a life-cycle basis, including, when available, information about independent research, peer-review studies and development activities by the applicant and an analysis of the availability of such alternatives; information on the possible preparation for reuse or recycling of materials from waste EEE, and on the provisions relating to the appropriate treatment of waste according to Annex II to Directive 2002/96/EC; the proposed actions to develop, request the development and/or to apply possible alternatives including a timetable for such actions by the applicant; where appropriate, an indication of the information which should be regarded as proprietary accompanied by verifiable justification; when applying for an exemption, proposal for a precise and clear wording for the exemption; Name and address of the manufacturer or his authorised representative: This declaration of conformity is issued under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer (or installer): Object of the declaration (identification of EEE allowing traceability. 10R 17時50分発走, 大井競馬場で行われる Life-cycle thinking on the overall impacts of the exemption shall apply, where relevant; deletion of materials and components of EEE from the lists in Annexes III and IV where the conditions set out in point (a) are no longer fulfilled. Applications for granting, renewing and revoking exemptions as referred to in Article 5. importers place only EEE that complies with this Directive on the Union market; importers, before placing an EEE on the market, ensure that the appropriate conformity assessment procedure has been carried out by the manufacturer, and that they further ensure that the manufacturer has drawn up the technical documentation, that the EEE bears the CE marking and is accompanied by the required documents, and that the manufacturer has complied with the requirements set out in points (f) and (g) of Article 7; where an importer considers or has reason to believe that an EEE is not in conformity with Article 4, that importer does not place the EEE on the market until it has been brought into conformity, and that that importer informs the manufacturer and the market surveillance authorities to that effect; importers indicate their name, registered trade name or registered trade mark and the address at which they can be contacted on the EEE or, where that is not possible, on its packaging or in a document accompanying the EEE. This Directive shall apply without prejudice to the requirements of Union legislation on safety and health, and on chemicals, in particular Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006, as well as the requirements of specific Union waste management legislation. 「Nicheee!|ニッチー!」はテレビ番組リサーチ会社【株式会社フルタイム】による情報サイトです。面白いネタやニュース、最新情報を、テレビ業界ではたらくリサーチャーの視点を交えてジャンルを問わず発信しています。 11R 16時10分発走, http://keibaana.com/%e3%80%90%e6%9c%89%e9%a6%ac%e8%a8%98%e5%bf%b52016%e3%80%91%e7%a9%b4%e9%a6%ac%e4%ba%88%e6%83%b3%e3%81%a8%e5%87%ba%e8%b5%b0%e9%a6%ac%e5%88%86%e6%9e%90%e2%91%a0%ef%bd%9e%e3%82%ad%e3%82%bf%e3%82%b5/, http://blog.livedoor.jp/yuusei1127/archives/21443086.html, http://tamarufight.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2012/12/post-6459.html, http://blog.livedoor.jp/yuusei1127/archives/21279808.html, http://blog.livedoor.jp/yuusei1127/archives/21310833.html, http://blog.livedoor.jp/yuusei1127/archives/21406891.html, http://ameblo.jp/kachiumayosou/entry-11431381781.html, http://takeshi2929.blog12.fc2.com/blog-entry-1356.html, http://blog.livedoor.jp/massacregens/archives/21400786.html, http://blog.livedoor.jp/h_k7102241078/archives/51607164.html, http://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/kaitene/diary/201112250001/, http://ameblo.jp/keiba-meigen/entry-11118904771.html, http://blog.livedoor.jp/h_k7102241078/archives/51605124.html, http://blog.livedoor.jp/yasu05impact/archives/52911173.html, http://ouma000.blog61.fc2.com/blog-entry-1534.html, http://ameblo.jp/win5-2okuataru/entry-11117790892.html, http://ameblo.jp/keiba-meigen/entry-11117759480.html, http://blog.livedoor.jp/tamago_dappi/archives/52247240.html, http://blog.livedoor.jp/cool_biz_1977/archives/52027989.html, http://blog.livedoor.jp/yasu05impact/archives/52910874.html, http://kaz-yama.cocolog-nifty.com/keiba/2011/12/post-70f4.html, http://newtype777.livedoor.biz/archives/51932369.html, http://takeshi2929.blog12.fc2.com/blog-entry-671.html, http://blog.livedoor.jp/koozzyy/archives/5599665.html, http://blog.goo.ne.jp/4410-y-y12139/e/c1178700de43aabbd8cec1be1483bf5c, http://clixup.blog52.fc2.com/blog-entry-2334.html, http://hibikoreinterior.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-43.html, http://tamarufight.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2011/12/post-8ad5.html, http://naniwaru.2chblog.jp/archives/5598421.html, http://keibaatarebamaru.seesaa.net/article/242525378.html, http://ameblo.jp/sanrentanrokutensyoubu/entry-11116721908.html, http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackshell021197/archives/51760584.html, http://ameblo.jp/keiba-meigen/entry-11116715231.html, https://masarukeiba.com/blog-entry-1196.html, http://blog.livedoor.jp/hamatomo31/archives/51730731.html, http://blog.livedoor.jp/keiba_soul/archives/51747217.html, http://blog.livedoor.jp/tamago_dappi/archives/52247031.html, http://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/umanotikara/diary/201112250000/, http://advantagehorse.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-170.html, http://regno.blog4.fc2.com/blog-entry-834.html, http://www.keibasite.com/blogs/archives/2659.html, http://kokonntouzai.blog.so-net.ne.jp/2011-12-25, http://ameblo.jp/sanrentanrokutensyoubu/entry-11116626601.html, http://ameblo.jp/keibapog/entry-11116187136.html, http://keiba-g1yosou.seesaa.net/article/242398144.html, http://blog.goo.ne.jp/4410-y-y12139/e/c5291b4540d2510bacff6b3efea1d8e2, http://indexkeiba.blog65.fc2.com/blog-entry-403.html, http://blog.livedoor.jp/racingdiary/archives/5010853.html, 競馬 チャンピオンズカップ ◎チュウワウィザード→馬単・三連単パーフェクト的中! - 「無敗」馬、敗れる瞬間.

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